For Paul Kantner (1941-2016)

   'Where do we go from here, chaos or community?' - Paul Kantner

Two poems for peace 
which I offer in tribute 
to the memory 
of a true idealist



We'd seen the posters stuck on every wall
(a travelling show encamped just out of town)
But when we looked again, saw none at all - 
As fast as they'd gone up they'd been torn down.
The balaclava boys were out in force
And hooded mobs watched out for signs of fun.
The circus came to town that night, of course,
But not as advertised. A signal gun

Was fired. The party crowd began to leave 
With blazing torches bobbing down the hill.
We heard the distant screams, could not believe
That folk we knew and liked were out to kill.
The evil from outside they'd keep at bay 
Burned deep within their foolish hearts that day.



listen to the band play guitar
people come from very far
standing in a crowd you can't hide
and your joy is multiplied

	open up your eyes
	this is no surprise
	don't look to the skies
	just see it 
	in their eyes

an old man stumbles in the street
all he can hear is the passing feet
go up to him and hold his hand
feel his life running out like sand

	open up your eyes
	this is no surprise
	don't look to the skies
	just see it 
	in his eyes

live your life just for yourself
line your nest and count your wealth
build your walls as high as the skies
you can't buy a mirror that will tell you lies

	open up your eyes
	this is no surprise
	don't look to the skies
	just see it
	in your eyes

1OR11-G-MAIN (2)

"Hide witch hide
The good folks come to burn thee
Their keen enjoyment hid behind
A gothic mask of duty ... "
	opening lyric of the album
	Blows Against the Empire (1970)
	by Paul Kantner


       Rest in Peace

7 thoughts on “For Paul Kantner (1941-2016)

  1. Sad to say, the point made in your first poem is all too true. Even the sweetest of people can become part of a terrifying mob. It was sad to hear about Paul Kantner’s passing.

    1. Indeed. Paul was part of a movement which tried to take people in the opposite direction, towards love and peace. We are social creatures and the crowd can take you both ways. I’ve updated my post with some words from his wonderful solo album. I hope people start listening to it – perhaps then we can continue as if the 1960s never came to an end …

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