Seasonal Stop Press!

              Shoppers queue as fizzy-drink truck rolls into shop car-park

Families from across town queued up in their hundreds to sneak a glimpse at the famous bright red truck as it made its way into Bafflesby.

The iconic lorry rolled up at Pennywise in Markdown Lane yesterday to greet queuing shoppers ready to have their photograph taken and grab a giveaway bottle of the fizzy drink.

April Fuddle and her daughter Freebie were among the throngs of people queuing for their time in front of the camera.

The 46-year-old, of Witsend, said it was fun to come down with her family and get into the festive mood.

She said: “We’ve never seen the truck before so we thought we’d come down as it’s in Bafflesby. As soon as you see the advert you feel really festive. We’ve been singing the tune non-stop.”

Queues were already building before the truck’s arrival time of midday, with residents from across Bafflesby travelling specifically to see the brand’s television advert star.

The brand’s TV advert has become synonymous with Christmas and the iconic tune Party Time Is Here Again blared out across the car park all afternoon.

Tick Boxer was also waiting with his family to have their photograph taken with the bright red lorry.


The 60-year-old, of Barmcote, said: “We’ve come down just to look at the lorry. It’s my first time coming to see it but it’s famous so we just had to come.

“I’ve seen the advert already so many times on the television. It’s a nice festive event on the run-up to Christmas.”

The red lorry first graced television screens in 1995 and has since travelled across the UK to spread festive cheer in various locations. It was last in Bafflesby in 2012 at Lowprice, Greater Dumdale.

Fellow fizzy drink fan Sippy Thicket, 21, of Potherfield, added: “It’s the first time I’ve seen it in Bafflesby so we wanted to come down.

“I’m really excited. I absolutely love it. I’ve come along with all my family and we’re looking forward to having our photo taken.”

This news item appeared in my local newspaper. I have changed nothing but the names. I never look a gift horse in the mouth and this was obviously a message from the gods of satire. You may look forward to further bulletins from Bafflesby …



19 thoughts on “Seasonal Stop Press!

  1. This story reminds me, for some reason, of the first time I saw the show “Drop the Dead Donkey”. We had just moved to the UK from Canada, and though we knew people were speaking English, we didn’t understand so much of what was being said.
    After about a year we realized that we had absorbed enough history and culture that we actually ‘got’ a lot of your humour. We also could drive from Kingswood to Sutton without a map – it was a great day…

    1. Ah yes, the famous British – or perhaps English – sense of irony! I suspect it stems from our class system, which makes us hypersensitive to the nuances of language. Whenever an English person opens their mouth the rest of us make instant judgments about their background, education, politics and so on. Also true elsewhere, I’m sure, but here it’s most acute. Mind you, this is a genuine news article which I’ve cut and pasted. A mix of fun and fear made me take liberties with the names and add the bogus photo but I’ve not changed anything else … Thanks for your interesting perspective, Margie.

  2. I don’t think I’ve heard of that big truck before, but I must admit, it is impressive in terms of sheer scale. I’m not sure how impressive I’d find it if I was stuck behind it on a hill, though.

    1. Ah, well, that was a random image I found in cyberspace – didn’t want to give the famous fizzy-drink company any free publicity, you see – but I may have chosen a more impressive beast than I’d intended. So I’ve replaced it with a picture that should excite nobody … unless they’re having a fizzy-drink induced sugar-rush!

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