Subversion, 60’s Style …

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What chance did we stand? Comic strips like this and the Bash Street Kids – see the previous post for my favourite adventure – introduced us Brit baby-boomers to surreal satire of conventional thinking. In the States it was Mad Magazine … were we the world’s luckiest ever generation, I wonder?


Share the fun, kids, it’s still being published! And here’s one for Opher, whose blog I can thoroughly recommend … some more artwork to die for!

dan_dare (2)



6 thoughts on “Subversion, 60’s Style …

  1. Wow Dave! – I’d completely forgotten about the numbskulls. They were great. I wish I’d kept hold of all those comics. I used to buy a load and my friend Jeff used to buy a load and we’d swap halfway through the week. I loved them. It was pure surreal fantasy. No wonder I’m like I am. Thanks for sharing that Dave.
    And thanks for the great mention! – All the best – Opher

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